Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
Rustic Redfish, terms and conditions, for all custom and handmade products offered on our website.
Agreeing to the terms and conditions means you understand and agree to the terms below:
Our items are handmade which means there may be slight imperfections that are unavoidable due to our items being handmade.
When your order is placed, you will receive email from Rustic Redfish, and  will discuss all customizations if your item ordered is a customizable item.
Your custom tumbler process will not being until email is responded to, if you fail to respond within 24 hours, we will send a reminder email, if no response on reminder email, your order will be refunded and your tumbler will not be made.
Once you have approved the final design, we will begin the process of your tumbler. Changes will not be accepted. 
All names submitted will be copied from the email submitted by you and pasted into our program for decals, be sure to spell check before submitting the final approval.
- Slight imperfections
  Slight imperfections can and will occur during the tumbler making process. 
Example- if your tumbler is a non glittered tumbler, you may have a spec of glitter on the tumbler. We work hard to avoid this, but sometimes it happens and is completely unavoidable.
Example - if your tumbler has a piece of dust on it during the processing, it may result in a slight imperfection of the final coat. We work hard to avoid this, but sometimes it happens and is completely unavoidable.
Our current turn around time on custom tumblers is 1-2 weeks from the date of final approval email from you. If you order a Ready to Ship item, it will ship the week it is ordered.
We do all shipping on Saturday of each week. If your order is placed on a Monday, it will not be shipped until the following Saturday and ect. 
All orders are final. If you receive your product and you are not satisfied, Rustic Redfish will try it's best to fix the issue.
If you receive your item and it is damaged, you have 48 hours to contact Rustic Redfish and provide photographs of the damage. Upon received emails reporting the damage, we will determine the next course of action. 
We ship all orders on Saturday of each week.